The Electro Homoeopathic Medical Association of India (E.H.M.A.I.) was established on July 25th in 1978 under the U.P. Development of Electro Homoeopathy System of Medicine, Uttar Pradesh which is a Society Registered Under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. To protect and safe guard the interest of the Electro Homoeopathic Practitioners as well as its institutions. The Electro Homoeopathic Medical Association of India (E.H.M.A.I.) became as an independent organization registered as a trust in New Delhi on February 7th 2003. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare ( Department of Health Research ) Government of India has given recognition to E.H.M.A.I. Vide ORDER No C. 30011/22/2010-HR. Dated 21 June, 2011.
The object of the Electro Homoeopathic Medical Association of India (E.H.M.A.I.) are as under:-
  • To give protection to Electro Homoeopathic Practitioners for Practicing in Electro Homoeopathic System of Treatment.
  • To approach Government authorities for seeking recognition of Electro Homoeopathy and equal rights, privileges and facilities to Electro Homoeopathy.
  • To provide Medical facilities in Rural and Hill areas and to organize Family Planning, eye camps etc.
  • To accurate UN employed educated person to learn Electro Homoeopathy.
  • To organize Electro Homoeopathic Camps, meetings, conference, seminars, exhibitions etc., for propagation and development of Electro Homoeopathy.
  • To maintain links’ with Association/organizations/Institutions all over the Country and abroad with similar interest weather professional or lay.
  • To establish State / Division / Districts / Student’s unit.
  • To establish, run, affiliate recognize and maintain Schools, Colleges and research Institutions for the promotion of Electro Homoeopathy.
  • To sponsor, run and assist educational institutions imparting instruction in Electro Homoeopathic Science
  • To establish run and maintain Hostels to provide Lodging facilities to the members and especially to poor and needy students.
  • To sponsor Cultural, Literary and artistic events.
  • To organize meetings, seminars, conferences, workshops etc. for development of Electro Homoeopathic Science and principles of Health and Hygiene and Family Planning etc. and utilize media for dissemination of knowledge and information and inculcation and in lightened out look and moral values among the peoples of India.
  • To print , Publish , Sell and distribute newspapers , journals , magazines , periodicals , books , text books , pamphlets , teaching aids , posters and other forms of literatures and to establish news , features and fictions agencies for the purpose to feed electronic and print media.
  • To acquire by purchase, lease, exchange or to takeover printing presses otherwise or a publication concern and to conduct and run such a press or presses or such concern or the furtherance of the objects.
  • To grant Scholarships or financial assistance to deserving students of Science particularly Electro Homoeopathy, Technology, Humanities, Social Sciences etc.
  • To establish liaison and develop mutual areas of co-operation with different organizations , International , National , Regional, State, Local , weather voluntary or official and with specialize institutions , groups and individual associations in furtherance of the aims and objects to take steps for eradication of literacy and spreading educations and Hygiene.
  • To establish, control and maintain central and provincial institutions / councils /boards / organizations for promotion and development of Electro Homoeopathy and to conduct examinations, award degrees, diplomas, certificates and to certify and enroll the Electro Homoeopaths.
  • To certify manufacturing laboratories
  • To establish, organize, maintain, supervise, finance the dispensaries /Hospitals and laboratories as well as research Institutes.
  • To carry on such further Charitable objects of general public utilities as are compatible or in consonance with the objects.
Any person having requisite qualification to profess as Electro Homoeopathic Practitioner or Institution established for instructions in Electro Homoeopathy to become as a member of Electro Homoeopathic Medical Association of India (E.H.M.A.I.).
For Practitioner-Rs 2000 and For Institution-Rs 5000
The membership shall be paid through the Bank Draft in favor of Electro Homoeopathic Medical Association of India payable at New Delhi/Delhi.
Every Member Practitioner is eligible to Practice in Electro Homoeopathy any where in India vide order No. C.30011/22/2010-HR Government of India, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (Department of Health Research) Dated 21 June, 2011
Contact Person of National Council-
Mohd.Hashim Idrisi Chairman Mob.No.+919415074806,
Pramod Shankar Bajpai Secretary General Mob. No.+919305660970,
Ateeq Ahmad General Secretary Mob.No.+919450153215 ,
Mohammad Idris Khan Central Secretary Mob.No+919311565014,
Mithlesh Kumar Mishra Joint Secretary Mob. No. +919415486103
Head Office
127/204 ‘S’ JuhiBehind Bus Depo
Central Office
C-617 Nirman Chowk
Madanpur Khadar Ext.
New Delhi-110059
Administrative Office
8-Lal Bagh
Opp:Daya Nidhan Park
Mailing Office
14/2 Pili Colony