The Electro Homoeopathy is a quite harmless, unique, natural and scientific system of medicine, Dr Count Ceasre Mattei of Rochetta, Bolonga, Italy has invented it on about 1865.This system of medicine is based on the principles of “The Human organization is entirely composed of two elementary liquids Lymph & Blood and the health and diseases are depend on the such liquids.” The Electricity has been observed in all the living beings including plants. It is proved that no cell, no tissue, no organ and /or a body could possibly manifest its legitimate function without electrical energy. It is a fundamental and basic principle of the science that the manufacture, transmission , utilization and discharge of Electrical energy of living cells is responsible for metabolism of the body and also give us a rational explanation for all the phenomena of life , Health ,diseases and therapeutics. The Electro Homoeopathic medicine generate and regenerate greater power restoring functional capacity and arresting organic changes than all the drugs mentioned in other Pharmacopoeia.
The Electro Homoeopathy remedies are prepared by the vegetables on a specific process called ‘SPAGIRIC WAY” which was introduced by Dr.Theophrastus Von Hoheneeim (Paracelsus) and Dr. Von Helmont. The Spagiric method is part of German Pharmacopoeia duly recognized by the Government of India Under the Drugs & Cosmetic Act 1940 as Schedule II item No 4 A (b) These remedies have maximum curative capacity and the capacity to regulate the lymph and blood and also to keep them purified.
Life and health are in the blood and the lymph that disease is in the vitiation of the blood or the lymph or of both together.